Wednesday, 17 June 2015

(WIP) Blacksmith house from tutorial

Here's some progress on a project I'm yet to finish, based off a tutorial I found online (via Most of the work here is in the hand painting rather than the modelling, although I learned some great workflow tips and scene organization along the way with this one. Hand painting textures is quite laborious! I need to set a timer and just bash it out I think.

Renders? Who wants high quality renders of models when you can just snapshot the Maya perspective view. Genius.

 Hand painting textures aka Dark Souls. Normal map of a stucco texture and some wood panels which are being painted, also a grey square because everyone loves mid-grey.

Packing all the UV's for this model was good practice. Snapping things to a grid and nice UV unwrapping I find quite satisfying, perhaps because I'm some what OCD!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Rigged cow model

A cow model done at school for a project. The idea was to use it in a basic shooter game made in Unity as a prop.

Base model made in Zbrush from z-spheres, sculpted in detail then re-topologized with quad draw in Maya, normal maps baked down from the high poly and texture extracted from poly paint.

Rig built and skinned in Maya. Some basic animations were done (an idle pose.)

Pls forgive me Cow King ;_;