Monday, 26 October 2015

Poster Art

Here's my first idea for a poster, designed to advertise an end of year student expo called "Polycon".
Set for A3 size. Will need to add a few more details and set text out somewhere.

...and a few images I had in my illustrator document for reference/inspiration.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

InDesign Work

So for the past 2 years whilst I've been studying, my position changed at my office job from sales to... well mainly graphic/brochure design and layout, which is perfect as I get to keep using my Adobe apps. In that time I've taught myself a fair portion of Adobe InDesign and I'm really starting to like it! At least I will have some new skills to add to my resume!

The InDesign jungle I stare at, at least 2 days a week.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Achievement Icons WIP

Few icons I've been working on in Illustrator for our "Break Time" mobile game. Came up with a logo concept also which I'm digging, smashed up computer goodness.

Class v Class Jam

We had a game jam between classes here at our college a few weeks ago. It was great to get everyone together to work on a single project rather than being splintered into our usual little cliques.

I put my hand up to do the lead game design, but ended up pitching in for the art team also. The theme was "get your ass to Mars" which we chose to interpret literally.

Ended up going with a vertical launcher/physics sorta game where you strap a prosthetic butt to a rocket and try to launch it into space! We had 2 weeks in total to finish the game, most of it was done in class time. Had some cool features like a menu screen between launches where you can upgrade your ship.

Here's some screenies... The link to play is also below!

Loading screen.
Ready to launch your butt into space, replete with a shield addon!

Launching through spaaace powered by butt gas.
Upgrade screen between launches.

Messing around in Excel for calculating score.
The game was upped by my bud Peter at Hungryum games on behalf of the class: