Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Advanced Diploma of Games (2nd year of study)


It's been a long time since I wrote an entry! Time to update things from last year.

Well, since I wrote on this blog last a lot of things happened. First and foremost I finished my diploma of games, I've gone back to keep studying the advanced diploma.

Oh, also I managed to get a student of the year award!

Thanks so much to everyone who I've met so far at Central, my fellow students and my awesome lecturers, specifically Anthony who has been one of my main motivators to come back for a second year. He is making this advanced diploma worth it with the amount of knowledge he has. Even when I'm done this year, I still think I'll only be scratching the surface of this industry.

There will be an end of year expo I will be showcasing work in (named Polycon by the students). We will have a website up soon hopefully, I will also try my best and keep this blog updated with works in progress, as I move towards finishing a portfolio.

- Mark