Sunday, 13 November 2016

Break Time! in VR

So my game dev/coder buddy Max (Manstie) was inspired to send an email to big a company in the US, they actually got back to us and we were lucky enough to have them send us an HTC Vive VR headset!

It's super fun to play with, it's all setup and working at Max's and there's even a port of our game Break Time! which we have working in VR. Watch this space for an update, we are thinking of putting something out for free for VR users!

Op shop finds

I'm always having a look through op shops (thrift shops) for old game titles. I used to have a fair few big box PC games and going back even further, console games when I was young. Really wished I held on to them all! After watching a lot of YouTube channels (especially LGR) I decided to get back into collecting. Just odds and ends I can find on the cheap.

Some recent pickups.
There's 2 big stores right near where I work so I often have a quick look through on my lunch break. Treasure hunting is fun... although I'm going to need a bigger shelf soon! I wanted to start with PC big box stuff only as it's rare, especially in Australia, but I'll take anything game related.

One day I hope to attain Doom v1.666 the original big box PC version with the 3.5" floppies. Last one I saw on eBay was up to about $1300 AU...