Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Back to Uni

Another ridiculously long time since an update.

Well Break Time! Is up for free on Steam and has had a few thousand downloads and positive reviews so far, win! Not bad for a mobile game port. People are hungry for VR content. We should probably do an HD version with some more updates and more content though Manstie and I are both at Uni.

Break Time! on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/578470/Break_Time/

Speaking of uni, I'm at Curtin University as of this year studying their games course and fine arts! So far so good.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Break Time! in VR

So my game dev/coder buddy Max (Manstie) was inspired to send an email to big a company in the US, they actually got back to us and we were lucky enough to have them send us an HTC Vive VR headset!

It's super fun to play with, it's all setup and working at Max's and there's even a port of our game Break Time! which we have working in VR. Watch this space for an update, we are thinking of putting something out for free for VR users!

Op shop finds

I'm always having a look through op shops (thrift shops) for old game titles. I used to have a fair few big box PC games and going back even further, console games when I was young. Really wished I held on to them all! After watching a lot of YouTube channels (especially LGR) I decided to get back into collecting. Just odds and ends I can find on the cheap.

Some recent pickups.
There's 2 big stores right near where I work so I often have a quick look through on my lunch break. Treasure hunting is fun... although I'm going to need a bigger shelf soon! I wanted to start with PC big box stuff only as it's rare, especially in Australia, but I'll take anything game related.

One day I hope to attain Doom v1.666 the original big box PC version with the 3.5" floppies. Last one I saw on eBay was up to about $1300 AU...

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Samuel sculpt

Quick sculpt I started using Samuel L Jackson's head as reference. Will put it here as a means of working on it until it's finished...

PoE mini map redesign attempt

Bit of a throw away piece I did for some vector/illustrator practice. I wanted to redesign the mini-map overlay in one of my favourite games 'Path of Exile'. I made a Reddit post about it


This is the album on imgur (linked in the main post)

It was a fun little project I might expand upon in future. The community seemed to appreciate my effort!

Social media links

Just throwing it out here for good SEO and to fill up space! Nah'mean?


My music page;

Here's the tiny lil' promo clip for Break Time! For the Google & iTunes store pages;

Should be good to release is this weekend!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Okay time to write something

Coming up on another year without posting something.... ugh. I've been super busy plodding along with my 9-5 job and doing game dev in my spare time with ex student mates. Have been working out of a share space in the city above my friends cafe (toastface grillah.)

Got our website up www.spacetoastgames.com

Break Time which started as a student project is almost finished and will be shipped to Google Play Games and iTunes. Much excitement!

Been a great learning experience getting the mobile games pipeline down. Need to update my portfolio quite badly. Spent so much time making so many small assets in Maya, UV unwrapping, doing basic textures and exporting to Unity. Feel like I'm going backwards!